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Making money as a digital photographer is easier than you may think. There are a lot of different ways to make money using digital photography and here are 5 ways to get you started:

Making Money With Digital Photography - 5 Quick Ideas To Get You Started.

1. – Selling Stock Photography
It sounds harder than it is. Simply put, take some of your best photos and submit them to some well known stock photography sites. They are easy enough to find just by searching for “stock photography’ in Google. The sites will then review the photos and if it’s approved, you will get paid $ 1 – 2 every time your photo is used.  

Making Money With Digital Photography - 5 Quick Ideas To Get You Started.

2. – Screensavers
There is more to making money as a digital photographer with screensavers than people realize. Using a theme, take a series of photos then make a screensaver. There are a lot of screensaver sites you can submit to, and if the photos are good they’ll do well. You could consider selling the screensavers on eBay.

Making Money With Digital Photography - 5 Quick Ideas To Get You Started.

3. – eBay Sellers
Speaking of eBay, this is a great source of business. Set up a local service photographing eBay items. People selling on eBay often use poor photos of images they sell over and over.

Making Money With Digital Photography - 5 Quick Ideas To Get You Started.

4. –  Wedding Photographer
I have a friend who is doing this. He started out by taking photos of people’s wedding as a hobby and now it is a huge business for him. He is making a lot of money as a digital photographer.The trick is to get a reputable name in wedding photography, provide a good quality product and have a equally credible website to promote yourself.

5.- Restaurant Photographer
Restaurants will often need photos of both their premises and their dishes for menu’s and websites. Designers who work with restaurants are always looking for photographers. Once you get a good reputation with a designer, you can freelance yourself out. Or you can work directly with restaurants. This could lead into work from weddings that are holding their wedding reception at the restaurant. Restaurants are a great source of work for making money as a digital photographer.

These are just a few of many profitable ideas you can look at to start making money as a digital photographer. Part-time for extra cash or full time work, working freelance or for someone else. There are a lot of choices for you.

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